Singles' Day 2021
On November 11 - Singles' Day, you will find current kortingscodes and deals for such stores like Aliexpress, SHEIN, sdidas & HEMA.

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Singles' Day - What is that?

Singles’ Day originated from China where the celebration of that they rises up to the sky. The biggest Chinese multinationals like Aliexpress are cutting their prices for their customers so they could buy every necessary item in order to celebrate. Also known as the Global Shopping Festival or the World Shopping Festival. It is said that on 11/11 the World Singles’ Day is celebrated. Do not worry if you are not single, kortingscodes, offers and deals will be available for everybody!

Singles' Day - When is that?

The 11th of November is the answer! So this celebration is exactly annual, unlike Black Friday. The chosen date creates four numbers 1 which symbolise four singles. On 11.11 deals prepared by stores create a perfect opportunity to shop together and exchange small gifts.

Singles' day offers

On the day of the Singles, on November 11th special discounts are launched. Mainly, but not only, in Chinese online stores like Aliexpress. In Netherlands, shops like SheIn or Hema happily celebrate this promo action. What is to be expected? Big discounts for sure! Shop products much cheaper than usually, some even cheaper than half of the price.

History of the Singles' Day

At Nanjing University, four Chinese students came up with the idea of the Singles’ Day inspired by the numbers of the date. 11.11 looked like four singles. So they celebrated being single together. At first, the custom had been known to student circles only, but it soon spread throughout China. The main idea was to spend time together and have fun, though retailers quickly noticed an opportunity. At the beginning small shop used the event to sell small presents, later in 2009 Alibaba launched the Global Shopping Festival and everything changed. The festival was successful enough to be repeated annually by Alibaba and many more retailers to come.